California Title 24 Restroom Door Signs

Title 24 Signs | California Compliant Restroom Door Signs Made in California Many states require only an ADA compliant restroom sign with tactile text and braille mounted on the wall beside a restroom door. But California requires an additional sign on the door of all restrooms and sanitary facilities. These Title 24 compliant restroom door signs have become widely used in many other states, even when not technically required for ADA compliance. The reason is simple: Restroom/Bathroom Door Signs are extremely practical. The geometric shaped California bathroom door signs (circle for women, triangle for men, contrasting triangle on circle for unisex/gender neutral) can be used to designate all gender specific sanitary facilities. These door signs make it easy to immediately identify and distinguish between a men-only or women-only restroom, or a unisex/gender neutral restroom.

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